By purchasing a number you can make calls to any country until and unless there are any restrictions in the country. We are having different numbers for different countries.

Video link for your reference-

Steps to purchase the number are as follows-

  • Login to the Callhippo account-> Click on the Numbers.

  • Click on the Add Number.

  • Now select the country for which you want a number. 

  • You can search the country name also if it is not there in the list, then click on “Contact Us”. Our sales team will contact you in this case.

  • After selecting the country you will be redirected to the Number’s section where you can choose the number as per your need. We are having three types of numbers- Local/Mobile/Tollfree. You can select any of them as per your requirement.

  • You can also search the number by Prefix/Number/Location.

    • Prefix- you can type the starting digits of the number and you will get the number of your choice if it is available.

    • Number- you can type the  digits of the number and you will get the number of your choice if it is available.

    • Location- You can choose the location(area wise).

    Location wise-

  • Now you can choose the number for your choice. If a number is “Voice Enabled” then you won’t be able to use SMS services from that number. If that number is “SMS enabled” also then only you can use SMS services from that number.

  • For some numbers you have to upload the documents and some numbers are available without document need.

After filling details and uploading documents you will lend on the payment page, if your card is already added then the amount will be deducted from there itself.

  • It will take 24-72 hours to verify your document and to procure your number.

  • As Mentioned above, for some numbers you don’t have to fill in details and upload documents, you can directly click on the number and procure it.

This is how you can purchase the number.

Note: We are providing one number free with every one user.