Follow these steps to integrate your Groove account with CallHippo.

Step 1- Login to your Groove account.

Step 2- Click on Settings Button as shown in below image.



Step 3- Then click Company as shown below.

Step 4- Click on API into company Section.



Step 5- Now copy Private token given under the API Settings section as shown below.



Step 6- Login to your CallHippo account.

Step 7- Click on the Integrations tab as shown in the image below.


Step 8- Then click on Connect option against Groove integration as shown below :



Step 9- Now paste the main account API key in the text box, which you copied from Groove and click on Connect now.



Step 10- Once you click on Connect now, a popup will be closed and your Groove integration will be in the in-progress state. Once it gets completed, it will be in the integrated state as shown in below images.




Enable Click to Call: 

Install the CallHippo Click-to-Call Chrome extension from the below link: