Steps to perform for Integration:

Step 1. Log in to your CallHippo account.

Step 2. Go to the left sidebar menu of your dashboard and click on Integrations.

Step 3. Select Microsoft Dynamics and click on Integrate.

Step 4. You will be redirect the setup page. Now click on Connect your Microsoft Dynamics button.

Step 5. Enter your microsoft dynamics Resource Url (For more description about this follow Configuration Help) and  click on save button.

Step 6. Enter your microsoft dynamics username and password and click on Login button.

Step 7. Your microsoft dynamics account is connected now. Click on Next button to complete the integraton.

Note:- If you delete a contact in Microsoft dynamics, it will not delete in callhippo you have to  delete manually.

Enable Click to Call: 

Install the CallHippo Click-to-Call Chrome extension from the below link: