Step 1- Log in to your ActiveCampaign account.

Step 2- Go to the left side menu and click on Settings.



Step 3- Now click on Developer from the open submenus of setting - 


Step 4- Now copy your URL and Key. Write it somewhere.



 Step 5- Now you have both your URL and  Key.


 Steps to follow in your CallHippo account - 

 Step 1- Log in to your CallHippo account and go to the integrations tab.

Step 2- Now click on Connect  button and Integration setup popup will open up as below. 


Step 3- Now enter your API key and API URL that you saved earlier in the below Integration Setup popup and click on Connect Now button.


Hurray!!! You have now successfully integrated ActiveCampaign with CallHippo. Integration status shows “Integrated”. And once contact syncing is completed, we will update you by email.

Integration Settings  


Now your CallHippo account is successfully integrated with ActiveCampaign and Integration Settings popup will be open up as below.


  • Call Activities performed with a ActiveCampaign Contact Reflected in your ActiveCampaign Account 

If you have enabled this toggle, All the call activities that are performed on a ActiveCampaign contact through CallHippo will reflect in ActiveCampaign contact’s activity 


  • SMS Activities performed with a ActiveCampaign Contact reflected in your  ActiveCampaign Account

If you have enabled this toggle,  All the SMS activity will log in to the ActiveCampaign contact’s Activity section


  • Select in which section of Activecampaign Activities should be sent

You can select in which section Call/SMS activity should be logged either Notes/Tasks as below (By Default Notes will be selected)


If you have selected Tasks and then you will be asked to select task type for Call/SMS as below.




Activities as a Notes :







Activities as a Tasks :





Features provided with ActiveCampaign integration:


1) Your all existing contacts (with at least one phone number) will be synced with CallHippo.


2) Whenever you update or add a new contact  in ActiveCampaign, it will automatically sync to CallHippo.


3) Whenever your agent makes a call to ActiveCampaign contact with CallHippo dialer, Call log activity will be synced to your ActiveCampaign contact activity. 


4) Whenever an SMS sent to ActiveCampaign Contact/received from  ActiveCampaign Contact with CallHippo dialer SMS log will be synced to your ActiveCampaign contact activity.



Important Note:

Contact deleted from the ActiveCampaign will not delete from CallHippo. You need to delete it manually.




Enable Click to Call: 

Install the CallHippo Click-to-Call Chrome extension from the below link: