Followings are the steps needed to perform integration of your Microsoft Power Bi account with callhippo:

  1. Now, login to your CallHippo account by the following URL:

  1. Go to the Integrations option from the left-hand side vertical menu.

  1. You can find Microsoft Bi integration either from the list of available options on the integrations section by scrolling the page or from the Search option given on the top right corner on that same page or by clicking directly on “Analytics” in categories options on the left vertical bar:

  1.  Click on Connect in Microsoft Power Bi integration and you will be redirected to another page.

  1. Click on +connect your Microsoft Power Bi and the following popup will appear in which you have to enter your tenant name or if you don’t have a tenant, Enter “common” and click on “Save” button:

  1. Then click on the “Link connection” button:

  1. After that you will be redirected to a new window. Enter the email of Microsoft power bi account.

  1. Now click on next and you will be getting an option to choose from a personal account or 

Work account. Choose an appropriate account. (If this option doesn’t appear, proceed to

the next step).

  1. Now enter your password and click on authorise. 


  1. Now this window will get close and you will be taken to the previous window where your data source will be linked now.

  1. Click on Ok and Click on next. You will now be moved to the Settings section.

  2. In the settings section first, you have to decide whether you want to create a new dataset in powerBi for CallHippo call and SMS data or you just want to use the current dataset with its tables.

Note: If you select the current dataset here and you don’t have any push dataset in powerBi then you will be redirected to create a new dataset page. The same thing will happen when your push dataset does not have a minimum of two tables(one for call data and one for SMS data).

  1. Let’s select “Create new dataset” for the current scenario and click on “Next”. Enter the name of the dataset to create in powerBi for CallHippo:

  1. After that you will see one dropdown having only one value selected which is your newly created dataset. Click on Next.

  1. Now you should be redirected to the Callhippo account where you will get a message like “your account with Microsoft powerBi is integrated successfully” and your Microsoft PowerBi integration status would be changed to Integrated.

Features of Microsoft Power Bi integration:

  1. Call data and SMS data will be synced to the specified dataset and its respective tables.

  2. To get the latest data in the power Bi opened dataset you just need to refresh your dashboard/tile/reports in your powerBi account:


  1. The newly created dataset will have two tables with the following names and columns:

callLogTbl table:(Call Type,Call Duration(seconds),Call Duration,To Number,From Number,Call Status,Call Start Time,Call Answer Time,Call End Time,Contact Name,Call Notes,Recording URL,User Name,Call Price)

smsLogTbl table: (SMS Type,Form Number,To Number,Send By,Send Time,Content,Send To,SMS Price)

  1. If you go for using the current dataset in step#12 Then you will get a list of push datasets only(if you have any). For more information on types of datasets in powerBi click here.

  2. If you go for using the current dataset in step#12 and you select tables for call and SMS data respectively and your respective table does not have columns mentioned above then you will not get call/SMS activity.