The Following are the steps to follow in CallHippo for Integration

Derive API credentials of Leadsquared Account: 

Log in to your Leadsquared Account.

In Leadsquared Account go to the User Settings page navigate to API and Webhooks -> API Access Keys -> Copy and note down your API Hostname as highlighted in the below screenshot.

Then Click on Generate Key


If you have already generated a key click on the Show Secret Key button. It will open a popup with Access Id and Secret key details. Note down both.

Now you have all credentials needed for Leadsquared integrations. API host, Access Id and Secret Key


Step 1 -  Log in to your CallHippo account.

Step 2 -  Go to the left sidebar menu of your dashboard and click on Integrations.

Step 3 -  Select Leadsquared and click on Connect.

Step 4 -  Integration Setup for Leadsquared popup will be open. It will ask you to input your Leadsquared credentials. Enter your Leadsquared  Api Host, Secret Key and Access Id then click on the Connect Now button

Hurray!!! You have now successfully integrated Leadsquared with CallHippo and the Integration settings popup will open as below. 


Integration status shows “Integrated”. And once contact syncing is completed, we will update you by email. 


Setup Sms activity Event:

Step 1 -  Log in to your Leadsquared account.

Step 2 -  Click on the user icon on the top-right corner and navigate to the Settings => Leads => Custom Activities & Scores as below. 


Step 3 -  On clicking the add icon, it will open an activity setting popup. Please add your name and check the option given in the image below and click on the Next button.




Step 4 -  In the next step, please make sure you set all the fields to optional. uncheck all the checkboxes in the Mandatory column then click on the Next button and then Save.


Step 5 - After successful completion of custom Activity creation just note down the Activity code as below.



Step 6 -  Then go to the integrations page of CallHippo and click on leadsquared integration setting icon as below it will open the Integration Settings popup.



Step 7 -  In the Integration Settings popup if you turn on the SMS activity toggle as below in the next line Activity Type dropdown menu will show from where you need to select a custom activity that you have just created.

Note: if you want to log an SMS activity that has been performed with leadsquared contact then you need to select Activity Type.

Features of Leadsquared Integration:

  • All your Leadsquared leads will be synced with the CallHippo dialer as a contact.

  • Whenever you add/update/delete lead in Leadsquared, it will be synced with CallHippo.

  • You will get a call log for any call made to or received from any of your Leadsquared contacts in the CallHippo dialer.

  • You will also get SMS activity for any SMS sent or received from any of your Leadsquared contacts in the CallHippo dialer.

  • Call and SMS activity will be displayed in the Leadsquared lead activity history.

Call Activities will be shown-

Dashboard -> Leads -> Manage Leads -> Click on the Lead -> Activity History


 SMS Activities will be shown-

Dashboard -> Leads -> Manage Leads -> Click on the Lead -> Activity History





Setup Leadsquared Telephony with CallHippo

Step 1 -  First, go to My Profile under settings in Leadsquared


  •  Add CallHippo Numbers  to Leadsquared Agent Phones fields

 (format :  +countrycode - number).


  • Enable Show phone call popup as shown in below image.














Step 2 - Install Universal Telephony Connector from Leadsquared APPS >Apps MarketPlace 


 Step 3 - To Configure Leadsquared Universal Telephony Connector with CallHippo click on setting>>configure.






After clicking on configure below popup will be open up




Step 4 - click on Click to Add Connector and it will show a popup select connector Type Leadsquared generic Telephony Connector from Dropdown and set Name as CallHippo as below. 



Step 5 -  Add CallHippo Numbers in Virtual Numbers with the mentioned format: - (+countrycode -number) as below.


Step 5 -  Below are the steps to set up click to call with CallHippo. By configuring this you will be able to make outgoing calls from Leadsquared .


  • When you make a call from Leadsquared, first it will call your CallHippo available agent and after answering, the call will be connected to lead

  • Go to the CallHippo Integrations page and click on the setting icon




  • Integration setting will be open and go to Telephony tab and copy click to call URL 



  • Now go to Configure section of the Universal Telephony connector and paste copied URL into Click to call URL box as below

HTTP Method : Post

Response Keyword:  test

Request Type:  JSON

Response Type:  JSON


tick enable and click on save



You have successfully enabled click to call with Leadsquared.


Step 6 -  Enable Agent popup for Incoming calls so whenever you get a call in your CallHippo number you will get notified in Leadsquared itself.

Below are the step to configure AgentPopup 

  • Go to the configuration of Leadsquared Universal  telephony connector Agent Popup API section as below and copy Agent Popup API url as below

  • Click on Enable

  • And click on the save button


  • Now go to the CallHippo integrations page and click on the integrated Leadsquared setting icon and the integration setting popup will be opened as below. 



  • Click on the edit button and paste the previously copied Agent Popup API and then click on the save button.

You have successfully configured Agent Popup with CallHippo.

Step 7- step to Configure to enable CallHippo Dialer inside Leadsquared itself .

  • Enable softphone from leadsquared profile setting as below.

  • Now Go to Universal Telephony Connector 

  • In the sidebar select Agent Popup API and go to Agent Panel setting

  • Configure as per the below Screenshot

  • Enable the Enable Agent Penel and Show On Top toggle

Panel URL :

Panel Permissions : allow=geolocation;microphone;camera

Panel Title : CallHippo

Panel Height : 670  Panel width : 400

Click on save button to save the data


After successfully enabling Agent Panel you will able to see soft phone in leadsquared as below.

On clicking on this tab it will expand as a callHippo dialer where you can make /receive call.


Step 8(optional) -  For logging call activity simultaneously add callLog Api from Universal Telephony Connector to CallHippo Integration setting as below.


Click to Call functionality


If you have configured Click to Call with CallHippo as instructed earlier you can now able make call from Leadsquared as below-

Dashboard -> Leads-> Manage Leads





If you click on the Lead number below popup will be opened up

Choose Your number (This is the Agent Number that you have saved earlier in your Profile) and click on the Call button. The call has been placed to your CallHippo Dialer first and you will get notified as below.

If your CallHippo user’s dialer/Agent Panel dialer is loggedIn (if not loggedIn then an error message will be shown like User is not available right now ) then CallHippo Agent will receive the call first in CallHippo dialer after the Agent received  it, Outgoing call will fire to Lead number


Agent Popup Functionality

If you have configured Agent Popup as instructed above and if someone called you(In CallHippo Dialer) to your Agent Number (that we have saved earlier in the Profile Section) / if you make any outgoing call through dialer then you will get notified through Agent Popup as below.


You can save/update lead details from this Agent popup.



If an Incoming call you are getting from a saved Lead then saved lead details will be popped up in Agent Popup as below




If you make an outgoing call to a saved Lead then saved lead details will be popped up in Agent Popup as below





Note: If you have to use Click to Call and Agent Popup functionality you need to disable the CallHippo extension first.

Enable Chrome extension Click to Call: 

Install the CallHippo Click-to-Call Chrome extension from the below link: