If you are looking to activate your Front integration with CallHippo, here are the steps you need to follow.

The Following are the steps to perform for Front Integration:

Integration setup CallHippo account:

1. Log in to your CallHippo account.
2. Go to the left side pane and click on Integrations.
3. A window with different applications listed will appear. Find Front and click the Connect button under it.

4. You’ll see a pop-up window on the screen with Connect Now button

5. Once you click on Connect Now, you will be redirected to the Front login screen, If you are already logged in Front you will be redirected to the grant permission page.

6. After the successful Login in Front you’ll be directed to the permissions page. Click on the Authorize to the App button to provide required access for integration.

Once you Grant the access you will be redirected back to the CallHippo. 

Hurray!!! You have now successfully integrated Front with CallHippo. Integration status shows “Integrated” as below. And once contact syncing is completed, we will update you by email.


Features of Front integration

1. All the existing contacts (with phone number) in frontapp will be synced to CallHippo dialer(except Private contact).

2. Newly added contacts will be synced within 2 hours.

3. Call and SMS activity: CallHippo will create a note with Call, SMS in respective contact, upon every Call/SMS done through CallHippo dialer.


1. If any contacts are deleted after integration it will not be deleted from callhippo.

2. Custom fields will not be synced.

3. Private contact will not be synced.

Enable Click to Call: 

Install the CallHippo Click-to-Call Chrome extension from the below link: