Follow these steps to activate your Gorgias integration with CallHippo and create tickets for each one of your calls/SMS.

 Step 1- Login to your CallHippo account.

 Step 2- Go to the Sidebar and click on ‘Integrations’.

Step 3- Click on the +CONNECT button as shown.



Step 4- Once you click on the ‘Integration’ button, you will get one pop-up asking you to enter Gorgias subdomain (i.e your Gorgias account URL is “” then “CallHippo” is your subdomain). Enter the subdomain and click on the Connect button. 



Step 5- Once you click on Connect Now, you will be redirected to your Gorgias login page. If you are already logged in this step will be skipped.





Step 6- Once you log in you will be redirected to the permission page, here you have to click on the Authorize button.



Step 7- Once you click on Authorize, you will be redirected back to CallHippo and display a message saying ‘Your account with Gorgias will be integrated soon. You will get notified about the same via an email’ and your integration status will be ‘Integrated’


Step 8- So now you have successfully integrated your Gorgias account with CallHippo and your existing contacts are synced with CallHippo. 


Features of Gorgias + CallHippo integration:

  1. Your all existing contacts(end user with the phone number) will be synced with CallHippo.

  2. Whenever you update or add a new contact it will automatically sync to CallHippo within 2 hour.

  3. When a call is made from the CallHippo dialer, there will be a ticket created in Gorgias with call log activity.

  4. Whenever a SMS is sent with the CallHippo dialer, there will be a ticket created in Gorgias with SMS log activity.

  5. You can use CallHippo browser extensions to call directly from your Gorgias ticket detail page.