Setting up Typeform account:

  • Log in to your Typeform account.

  • Click on the select your workspace and click on New typeform card.

  1. Click on the Start from scratch button. You can also select a form template if you would like.


  2. Add your form name and click on the Continue button.



  3. Here I’ve created a sample Feedback form, which collects the user’s Name, Feedback, Phone, Email. You can add any fields you would like and design them according to your requirement. The only mandatory fields are Phone (field type should be Phone) and Name (Use any label which contains the Content “Name” word).


  4. Then publish the form on your website or social media.

    Now let’s start with the actual integration with CallHippo.


In you CallHippo account:

  1. Log in to your CallHippo account.

  2. Go to the left sidebar menu of your dashboard and click on Integrations.

  3. Select Typeform and click on Connect.


  4. You will redirect to the setup page. Now click on the Connect your Typeform button.


  5. Enter your Typeform account Email and Password and log in to Typeform.



  6. After logging in you will be redirected to the permission page. Here you need to click on the Accept button.


  7. Your Typeform account is connected now. Now on the Next button.



  8. The second step will list all the forms you have created in your Typeform account. Select a form you would like to sync with CallHippo. Click on the Next button and wait until it’s redirected back to CallHippo.


9. Your Typeform integration is completed successfully.

Feature of Typeform Integration:


  • All your Typeform contacts (Generated through form response selected in setup) will be synced to CallHippo. You can make calls/SMS to that contact directly from the CallHippo dialer.



Note:- If you delete a form response in Typeform, it will not delete related contact in CallHippo; you will have to delete it manually.